2017 Hoopla Rose

When big sister Hoopes Vineyard got their rosé, Maya and Sophie jumped up and barked ‘me too!’ After all, girls just want to have fun, and what’s more footloose and fancy-free than hanging by the pool or on the beach with your favorite peeps and a couple of chilled bottles of fruity pink wine. Like it’s littermate “The Mutt” this rosé is a big blend of everything in the winery that sounded good. The first sniff will make your ears prick up, the first taste will leave you begging for more! Rose all day? Yes please.

Appellation: 100% Napa Valley
Barrel Aging: Temperature controlled stainless steel tank, 5 months
Composition: 79% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 6% Petite Sirah, 2% Cabernet Franc, 1% Zinfandel, 1% Syrah
Alcohol: 14.3%
This pretty, fresh wine comes to the table with sweet aromas of cotton candy, grenadine and strawberries.  The party continues with a juicy and crisp mouth opening to a hint of guava nectar and ruby-red grapefruit with a lengthy finish.
This wine is great with Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Poke scooped on wonton crisps, Pan-Seared Salmon with ginger-lime sauce, Thai green chicken curry, Shrimp Louie salad or in a pinch, just pop open a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos!